Thursday, August 6, 2009

Production Blog IX

I'm a little behind!

And this time if I had a nickel for every hour of footage we had shot, I would have enough for "Da Egg Custard".

Shoots have been relatively easy, for the most part. However, one shoot did require us turning Ezra's living room into a Nightclub. We started at 9 PM and finished at 12 PM the next day, without stopping to sleep... literally. But, as you can see, the finished effect was something even I did not expect to look as good.


Anyways, the official editing process has begun! This movie is going to be finished before the new year, you have my word.

Also, check out the leak of the week!

- Wilder

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  1. You better not break my heart.
    I'll take your word to my grave!