Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Production Blog III

Greetings Webterverse!

Day two of shooting went exceptionally yesterday. We've got a good chunk of this movie done, and even more is to come.

For this wonderful day of shooting, we had to film a conversation in a car. Since our financial situation is subpar, we did not have the equipment to harness a truck to the front of the car and film through the windshield like the pros do. This resulted in an incredibly awkward situation in which Ezra, Mark and I were huddled close together in the front seat of the car.

With a camera in our face.

Driving down an alleyway..

Without air conditioning, for sound purposes.

But hey, all that is nothing a little In-N-Out can't fix.

More shooting commences Saturday. Kristina's first shoot date!

- Wilder

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