Monday, July 13, 2009

Production Blog II

Hello internet!

Shooting has officially begun. Ezra and I filmed the first sequence today at USC. It came out pretty sexily, and we are quite happy. We also shot the teaser trailer, which should appear online within a few days.

Since the call time was 9:30 for me, I got to experience a rare treat that I had not been able to since I was in high school; McDonald's breakfast. With my innards properly soaked in toxic oils and deadly fats, I had the strength necessary to walk through the heat all day to film the opening for you fine people.

We are filming even more tomorrow, as well as taking production photos for the posters and the official website, which should be launched in about a day.

Well that's it for me, internet. I'll be sure to update you more tomorrow after shooting.

- Wilder

Added Value
Never eat at McDonald's.

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