Saturday, July 11, 2009

Production Blog I

Hey all!

Well, pre-production is almost complete.

We have the movie almost entirely cast, we've hired our producer, and the first full-cast table read through was famously successful. I say famously successful in that no one quit, wanted to leave the project, or got into a horrifying knife fight.

The shooting days are now 99.984657 % scheduled, and the first crew meeting is Sunday. We have assembled only the best team of rugged filmmakers from around the globe, similar to G.I. Joe, except there will be no one on set who looks like Channing Tatum. Except of course, if Channing Tatum decides to join the project in the catering department. I hear he makes a mean apple turnover.

The first day of shooting is Monday, so I will be back with another astonishingly detailed report after that.

- Wilder

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