Sunday, November 29, 2009

Production Blog XI


Single still exists! The editing process is underway, and it is looking nice. Even though we are extremely professional, it has become apparent we didn't shoot enough per se, so this winter we will need some pickups. Nothing major, but it needs to happen.

As for the editing, it is going superbly. If you define superbly as "Wilder edits for a while, gets frustrated with how undershot the movie is, and gives up, angrily chugging a Coca-Cola".

Not a lot of pictures to display, but we are looking at a January release for the full, theatrical trailer.

For now, don't miss the Red-Band Teaser, and some Leaks of the Week.

- Wilder

Monday, August 24, 2009

Production Blog X


But in some glorious news, SINGLE IS WRAPPED!

That's right, this all summer-feature length project is now finished! Only a few pickups remain in December.

Ezra and I couldn't be happier with all the people who came together on this project and made it possible. We love you all equally, like children. Except for Gob, I never cared much for him.


Stick around for post production/editing updates!

Leak of the week!

- Wilder

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Production Blog IX

I'm a little behind!

And this time if I had a nickel for every hour of footage we had shot, I would have enough for "Da Egg Custard".

Shoots have been relatively easy, for the most part. However, one shoot did require us turning Ezra's living room into a Nightclub. We started at 9 PM and finished at 12 PM the next day, without stopping to sleep... literally. But, as you can see, the finished effect was something even I did not expect to look as good.


Anyways, the official editing process has begun! This movie is going to be finished before the new year, you have my word.

Also, check out the leak of the week!

- Wilder

Friday, July 31, 2009

Production Blog VIII

World wide internet!

If I had a nickel for every hour of footage we had shot I would have enough money for a sandwich from Moe's.

I am proud to announce that this movie is almost half way done! We have logged about 9 hours of footage, and music is being written by the glorious Will Butler. We have also had the privilege of shooting with the fantastically hilarious Stogie Kenyatta.


- Wilder

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Production Blog VII


We shoot, we shoot, we shoot. Day 8 of shooting went, for the most part, very well. We got fantastic coverage of 2 of the 3 scenes we planned to shoot. We had an extremely funny performance by Julian Timm, as well as some great ensemble improv. A fun little mini-short we did will be up soon, though it is completely unrelated to the movie.

Look! More digital image recordings!

Picking up women.

Ezra co-directs a scene.


- Wilder

Monday, July 27, 2009

Production Blog VI

Yes, we are still going. We have not given up yet!

The sentence "day 7 of shooting went very well" would not contain a single word of truth except for "7". And that's a number.

We shot all day, fell behind schedule, ate more pizza, laughed a lot, yelled at each other, and filmed an iPhone zombie attack.

We only got about ten minutes of usable footage.

However, we learned our lesson, rescheduled our shoot, and planned for tomorrow's work very nicely.

We will not fail again! On the positive side, this movie is coming along very well. Easily the highest quality of anything we've ever done.

Remember, when all else fails, shoot zombies with an iPhone.

- Wilder

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Production Blog V

Ah, day four.

We filmed for 12 hours today.


But we got a lot done. We filmed a nice good chunk of the movie, but even though the sun was hot, we made it through, and the improv was flowin', as were our urinal streams from all the water we had to drink. We even did an entire scene as Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

More filming tomorrow at 8 AM. Yuck. Here's some digital images taken from a wonderful device known as a camera:

I have no idea what this is.

- Wilder

Monday, July 20, 2009

Red-Band Teaser Hits YouTube!

Hey Planet Earth!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the Red-Band Teaser Trailer for Single. Enjoy!

Sorry I can't embed.

- Wilder

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Production Blog IV

Hello cyberspace!

Day three of shooting was very much like a secret meeting for an Italian mob - one of us felt sick, another was telling people what to do, there was an attractive female, and we all ate pizza.

The lovely Kristina Plisko's first scene turned out nicely. We shot it at my house, in my very room. But, in order to make her room seem like a girl's room, we had to transform it completely.

So all of my stuff went out, and in came the jewelry, flowered bed sheets, and other general girly art pieces. And if I do say so myself (though no one else can say so because I am, after all, the only one writing this), it looked damn good.

More shooting commences on Monday!

- Wilder

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Production Blog III

Greetings Webterverse!

Day two of shooting went exceptionally yesterday. We've got a good chunk of this movie done, and even more is to come.

For this wonderful day of shooting, we had to film a conversation in a car. Since our financial situation is subpar, we did not have the equipment to harness a truck to the front of the car and film through the windshield like the pros do. This resulted in an incredibly awkward situation in which Ezra, Mark and I were huddled close together in the front seat of the car.

With a camera in our face.

Driving down an alleyway..

Without air conditioning, for sound purposes.

But hey, all that is nothing a little In-N-Out can't fix.

More shooting commences Saturday. Kristina's first shoot date!

- Wilder

Monday, July 13, 2009

Production Blog II

Hello internet!

Shooting has officially begun. Ezra and I filmed the first sequence today at USC. It came out pretty sexily, and we are quite happy. We also shot the teaser trailer, which should appear online within a few days.

Since the call time was 9:30 for me, I got to experience a rare treat that I had not been able to since I was in high school; McDonald's breakfast. With my innards properly soaked in toxic oils and deadly fats, I had the strength necessary to walk through the heat all day to film the opening for you fine people.

We are filming even more tomorrow, as well as taking production photos for the posters and the official website, which should be launched in about a day.

Well that's it for me, internet. I'll be sure to update you more tomorrow after shooting.

- Wilder

Added Value
Never eat at McDonald's.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Production Blog I

Hey all!

Well, pre-production is almost complete.

We have the movie almost entirely cast, we've hired our producer, and the first full-cast table read through was famously successful. I say famously successful in that no one quit, wanted to leave the project, or got into a horrifying knife fight.

The shooting days are now 99.984657 % scheduled, and the first crew meeting is Sunday. We have assembled only the best team of rugged filmmakers from around the globe, similar to G.I. Joe, except there will be no one on set who looks like Channing Tatum. Except of course, if Channing Tatum decides to join the project in the catering department. I hear he makes a mean apple turnover.

The first day of shooting is Monday, so I will be back with another astonishingly detailed report after that.

- Wilder